I'm not a photographer, only a dreamer...

Born in 1979, I was never really destined to photography since I have acquired my first camera (digital) at the age of 25, for my holiday memories. So I started by photographing natural events or my vacation, then I learned to discover the things around us including the nature differently.
I’ve always been a big dreamer, admiring the beauty of all things, and a creator. This explains why I am taking my passion for this art that wants to freeze in picture all the beautiful and magical moments of life.

But I must admit, since I learned to aesthetically compose an image, my eye has changed a lot and made ​​me see things differently: I appreciate the beauty of the « current » moments of life as the less conventional and especially I realized the beauty of where we live (Earth) and its other (animals) people, to whom we owe respect and protection. So naturally, I am passionate about landscape photography and animal.

My goal now is to witness the beauty and richness that is next to our feet and that we don’t look at. By observing and capturing the landscapes, the animals and their fascinating behaviors, i want to share our beautifull planet and make people dream, but also opening their eyes and being aware that unfortunately most species are endangered because of us and our acts.

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